Nature Trail Golf - TriSport


Nature Trail Golf continues to evolve - “TrailGolf started as a casual form of golf played at a reduced scale – played along a nature trail. We expanded the concept three years ago to include DiscGolf along its same fairways/trails we laid out on site. We now have added another popular recreational sport – FootGolf or “SoccerGolf”. Yes! Now you can play three sports within the same group, and compete against each other equally. Play Nine holes in 45 minutes


The TrailGolf play is reflective of traditional golf, testing your golf skills with the course designed to use natural hazards, the short game is not as demanding as traditional golf as we have a gimmie circle. A casual form of golf played at 1/3 the scale of regular golf. DiscGolf is totally dependent on “air obstacles” such as trees, and challenging baskets positions to create interest and difficulty. Fairway/Trails vs. rough makes little difference to play. Our beautiful site has a variety of open to treelined holes for the ultimate test.

 The Golf Trails can be developed with almost zero impact to the environment. The initial development (construction) cost is practically nothing - perfect conditioning is not required. Natural occurring grasses will be acceptable for the so-called fairways, greens, and tees. Natural obstacles will give character to each hole.   


FootGolf is dependent on planning your ground game where half the executed shot is played along the ground, so turf condition, fairway/trail limits and slopes are important to consider when planning your strategy. The short game is not as delicate as TrailGolf as the bigger ball and larger hole are easy to hole. The secrete to Nature Trail Golf – TriSport is setting up each hole to balance the test of each respective sport with a variety of challenges and strategy, and as always, presenting this on a beautiful Nature Trail.

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